Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Congress, No Drilling Allowed

Despite talk of an energy crisis and the need for independence from foreign oil, Congress seems to be in no mood to open more of the country's coastal waters to energy development.
The House late Thursday rejected an attempt to end the quarter-century ban on oil and natural gas drilling that has been in effect for 85 percent of the country's coastal waters from Alaska to New England despite arguments that new supplies are needed to lower energy costs

Since Congress won't do their part to help us expand our domestic energies supplies, they need to do their part in conserving what we have. I therefore propose the following:

1. Turn off the heat and air-conditioning in their offices. They can wear coats and gloves in the winter. In addition, all that hot air is bound to help with heating. They can go back home in the summer. Quite frankly, the less they do in Washington, the less damage they do to the country.

2. Remove their parking spaces at the Capitol and congressional office buildings. Let them walk or bike to work with the rest of us.

3. Remove their reserved parking spots at R. Reagan Washington National Airport . They can take the Metro. It's a good time to talk to the people they represent.

4. No more foreign junkets. They can use the internet like the rest of us to find information. No more weekend airline trips home to visit the constituents. They have computers and phones, use them. If they have to travel let them take the bus or train.

5. If they have to drive in Washington, make them use those hybrid cars they love so much.

Feel free to add your energy saving ideas for Congress.

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