Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mike Masterson on Jim Holt

Mike Masterson gets why Jim Holt won. Jim is just a normal, everyday person.

Here's how I think Holt won the GOP end. This devout Christian father of nine, a plain-spoken state senator, believes as the majority of conservative Arkansans do when it comes to constitutional precedence, taxation, immigration and needless law-making, to cite only a few issues. While some detractors with their own agendas enjoy painting Holt as a raving fundamentalist-Christian, extremist, reactionary, contentious zealot, the majority who voted obviously see through such character assassination.

I wonder if the Democrat party, some of the Republican party and the MSM really understand the regular Arkansan. Jim Holt's issues resonate with most people.
How many mainstream Arkansans do you suppose are opposed to a candidate who is a devout Christian ? Are conservative mainstreamers here against following our nation's constitutional principles ? Do most citizens, liberal or conservative, enjoy paying exorbitant taxes without voting on them ? Do the majority believe that our sovereign country should not strictly enforce immigration laws ?

Has the label of radical and extremist been pinned on Holt because he is an unabashed, committed Christian?
Apparently, his faith didn't much bother the 33,000 or so conservatives who voted for Holt statewide

I agree with Mike about Jim's love of talking. I thinks he puts it nicer than I have. The worst I can think to say about Holt is that occasionally he talks before he thinks.
The worst I can think to say about this man is boy, does he love to talk.

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