Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Global Warming Alert

I'm finding very hard to control my laughter as I write about this.

Timberland, the outdoor clothing company, is very conscientious about the greenhouse gases associated with it's manufacturing.
"As it turns out, the vast majority of the greenhouse gases associated with manufacturing leather comes from cows in the field," Mr. Swartz said. "Yes, methane."

To put in layman terms, the cow's farts are the major contributor to the company's greenhouse gases. What's even more hilarious, the company is working to decrease the amount that a cow farts. Timberland is considering ways to change the feed for cows to reduce cow farts.
I wonder, in an effort to control the amount of gas that a cow produces are they going to have fart police? What would be the penalty for farting too much? People really do stupid things to satisfy a theory that has no solid scientific basis.

More thoughts:
You know, a meteor might not have wiped out the dinosaurs. It could have been their farts. Those guys were really big so their farts must have huge. Think of all the gas they dumped into the atmosphere.

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