Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Day by Day, Too Sexy?

Captain Ed is asking whether Day by Day is too sexy for his blog.
Conservatives have a reputation for stultifying puritanism, and Chris wants to make conservatism provocative and help it to compete by breaking down stereotypes.

I enjoy DBD because it is a little more edgy then other cartoons. His characters are thought provoking and intelligent. Chris is right on top of most current issues. I go to his site every morning. Sometimes I think Chris's use of lack of clothing is a bit gratuitous. But really, I'm reading him for the ideas and the points he's making.
Occasionally, the lack of clothing contributes to the point he's making. The most recent being Sam's modeling for guns. I do think that a lot of newspapers will not carry him because of the scant clothing.
As for me unless he really goes overboard with full nudity I'll keep reading him. Although, now that I think about it, I have yet to see the guys in a thong. How about some equal time for us women?

1 comment:

Chris Muir said...

No full nudity for DBD, Val. Ever. And yes, I get
carried away sometimes.

Thong for Zed or Damon? I had Zed
in a Greek warrior outfit 'round Halloween, I

I know, it's not fair, but think of Zed in a Borat
thong..! AAUUGGHHH!

Thanks for reading DBD!