Wednesday, December 13, 2006

De-Annexing Paron

Bryant:"You take it!" State: "No! You Take it!" How about a game of hot potato? I guess the Bryant School District isn't so enamored with the Paron district after all. It wants a divorce.
The state Education Board has temporarily rejected the Bryant School District's effort to de-annex the former Paron district, saying it would prefer an alternative that didn't involve a state takeover.
De-annexation would move control of the ex-Paron district to the state. The Education Board voted today to table the proposal for 60 days. It also directed the Education Department and Bryant to develop an alternative.

Well, I suppose the State could decide to take Paron. Wouldn't that mean that the Bryant School District would have to return the consolidation money they received? I would assume that the Paron parents would then be suing the State instead of Bryant to get their school back. (Thanks Mark )

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