Monday, August 27, 2007

Alberto Gonzales's Resignation

I have heard about how good Alberto Gonzales was, particularly when he was with President Bush in Texas. But I am struck on how ineffectual he was as Attorney General. I always felt sorry for him when he was being grilled by the Democrats. The Democrats' attacks on him the last few months were so over the top and it was really painful to watch him testify before Congress. Of course Gonzales and the Bush Administration are mostly to blame for this royal botch-up. Yeah, the Democrats were particularly obnoxious, but Gonzales allowed this to happen. He fought back way too late and much too poorly. He should have come out right at the beginning and done some slaps up-side-the-head of the Democrats. So who is Bush going to nominate to replace Gonzales? Robert Bork comments
The appointee will inevitably be charged, among other things, with investigating the firing of eight U. S. attorneys, possible perjury by Gonzales and others who testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and whatever additional matters Senate Democrats’ fertile imaginations can pack into the special prosecutor’s charter. Grand juries will be convened, subpoenas issued, witnesses badgered, documents demanded from the White House, and so on, through the full repertoire of special prosecutors’ antics.

Is this what the Democrats really want? Their approval ratings are already in the toilet and they think that going down this path is going to help them? Hopefully President Bush will nominate some one who will be able to stand up to the Democrats and tell them where to shove it.

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