Monday, August 20, 2007

Sanctuary Cities, Fayetteville

What happened in Newark, New Jersey can easily happen here. Fayetteville is essentially a sanctuary city, although not by city council degree, yet. Fayetteville is as political correct as Newark. While Springdale and Rogers is attempting to do something about illegal felons, Fayetteville is choosing not join them. Which spells danger to the citizens of Fayetteville. Once Springdale and Rogers starts cracking down on illegals, they'll starting moving into Fayetteville. Fayetteville's political hacks will prevent police and other authorities from inquiring about a suspect's immigration status, even if they have committed a felony.
So what's a citizen of Fayetteville to do? Vote the offending officials out of office? Hard to do in Fayetteville which is mostly liberal Democrats who'd protect the rights of illegal criminals before they'd protect citizens. Nope, the call is to file class-action lawsuits against individuals and organizations who have defied federal immigration law. Hit the PC bums in their wallet. Maybe if a few billion is extracted from the sanctuary city's coffers they'll get the message. Of course, we can only pray the Fayetteville abandons the illegal immigration protection program before anyone gets killed.

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