Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Awww, Mexico is Upset with NW Arkansas!

The Mexican Consul, Andres Choa is really upset that cities in NW Arkansas are sending their police officers to get immigrations enforcement training. Awww, the poor little man, so upset that police might actually stop and deport illegal immigrants committing serious crimes. Good heavens, the cities of NW Arkansas are getting sick and tired of the crimes committed by illegals and want to actually stop it. How shameful! Why, Mexico needs those illegals to keep sending money to Mexico. Who cares if it comes from criminals.
The solution to that problem [of immigration ] is to open the communication channels, to open the doors to the community," Chao told a meeting of the Arkansas Committee on Foreign Relations. "They’re going to close the door."

Yeah, he is scared that illegals will no longer be able to get all that free stuff those stupid gringos keep handing out. You know, health care, food stamps, schooling and yes, the Social Security benefits. Choa wants the USA to keep all the poor they've sent over the border. Heck, why should Mexico take care of it's poor when the USA will? Damn you Steve Womack for mucking up Mexico's plans!

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