Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Larry Craig, What is His Crime?

Oh Good! I'm glad there is some one else who doesn't quite understand what in Larry Craig's conduct constituent a crime? I've read the complaint as the Captain has and I don't understand why every one's so morally outraged.
Even so, nothing Craig did should constitute a crime, with the possible extreme interpretation of battery by touching his foot to the undercover officer. A series of signals that consist of foot-tapping and hand-swiping harms no one but the reputation of the man using them.

Everyone is freaking out over moving feet and hands? The scandal mongers are really over reaching on this. Yeah, Craig's behavior is a little nauseating, but there is nothing illegal in asking for consensual sex. So it's a bit creepy for him to appear to be asking for it in the men's bathroom. He should have just done the same little patty-cake game in the bar. That way he wouldn't have been arrested. The only thing I see he's guilty of is embarrassing himself.

UPDATE: An interesting debate. Slate Editors Squabble

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