Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Exciting Day at Work

It wasn't going to be a typical day at work. To begin with, I came in knowing that an instrument that has been causing me fits for the past two weeks had gone down again. I was going to have to call tech support again and have them come and fix it for the 6th time. Early this afternoon the power went out and came back on a few minutes later. Well, not quite everything. One section of the power grid was out. We went around silencing instrument alarms and waiting to see if the other part would be turned on. Suddenly the fire alarm sounds and people run out saying that this is the real thing. A small fire had broken out in a boiler/maintenance room. It was quickly put out but we had the excitement of 2 fire trucks pulling up to the building. Anyway, people were sent home early because they needed to repair some of the electrical systems which required the electricity be shut off in the building. I'll have to go in to work earlier because a lot of work was left undone on my desk. As for why the power went out, an electrical pole on Gregg street went down and most of the buildings around WRMC lost power.

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