Monday, August 20, 2007

Nevermind, Forget Biofuels

What the hell are they trying to do? Opps, we're sorry for the doomsday scenario! Just never mind about the crap we've been shoveling on you about the necessity of using biofuels to save the planet.
..the journal Science last Friday concluded that the continued burning of oil-related energy products combined with the planting of additional forests is better for the environment than the manufacture and use of biofuels such as ethanol.
In fact, the authors suggested that governments across the globe move away from biofuels as a global warming solution completely, and instead focus moneys and energies on reforestation and increasing the efficiencies involved with the burning of fossil fuels.

New Scientist explains
The reason is that producing biofuel is not a "green process". It requires tractors and fertilisers and land, all of which means burning fossil fuels to make "green" fuel. In the case of bioethanol produced from corn – an alternative to oil..
What is more, environmentalists have expressed concerns that the growing political backing that biofuel is enjoying will mean forests will be chopped down to make room for biofuel crops such as maize and sugarcane.

Well, isn't that just great! What about all those people who bought those hybrid cars who thought they were saving the planet? Now they are actually causing more destruction. Those poor, poor people. They are going to need some psychiatric help after they hear the news. Oh! What about Fayetteville's Mayor Coody, who has been so proud of the city using biodiesel. Should some one break the news to him? I'm not. I kinda relish the idea that a left wing, environmental wacko is actually causing more damage to the environment.

(H/T NewsBusters)

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