Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Global Cooling Power Play

We know that Gov Beebe is just another sucker that has fallen for the global warming hoax. He and his global warming commission are more than willing to burden a poor state with legislation that will tax and fine industries in Arkansas and make the poor in Arkansas suffer.
"I've read some pundits lately who say, 'oh, this is just a hoax, global warming's not really a serious threat.' I don't subscribe to that theory," Beebe said on his monthly call-in radio show. "I think it is a threat, and I think global warming is occurring."
Another leader is taking a different approach. Joe Bastardi, long-range and hurricane forecaster for’s notes that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s recent cut of gas flows to Europe via Ukraine may have been done so in anticipation of a global cooling cycle.
"The thing I want to bring up here – very interesting – most of the solar cycle studies that we know about and that guys like me read have come out of the Russian scientists," Bastardi said. "But when Glasnost developed, the Russian scientists, a lot of their ideas on the coming cool period that a lot of us believe is going to occur – ice, rather than fire is the big problem down the road here 2030, 2040, and the reversing cyclical cycles of the ocean – it came out of the East."
The scientific evidence so far is proving that Putin's gamble may pay off. The earth's temperature has been cooling for the last ten years and solar activity has been disturbingly quiet. Putin has been listening to his scientists and we, unfortunately, have been listening to a washed-up politician. But, the forecast is for the next 20 years. Enough time for us to knock some intelligence in our political leaders and get some coal and nuclear plants built.

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Hardtack said...

The only consensus I am aware concerning global warming are those scientists who do not believe in this hoax. Of course, the same argument about consensus is also used in the evolutionary debate.

All it is is another way to make us feel guilty. The way to get rid of that feeling of guilt is through our wallets.

If anyone is interested in such stuff, check Jim Inhofe's website and his minority report