Wednesday, January 28, 2009

NW Arkansas Ice Storm, 2009 Part 2

Boy! What a mess! I stayed home and tried to do a little clean-up. There wasn't much I could really do because with so much ice still on the branches it was dangerous to do much. I did manage pull a few branches down and clean up the branch on the front gate. I'll be cleaning up this mess for weeks.

A bunch a branches fell across the privacy fence into my neighbor's yard. A few may damage their house. I tried to do some of the clean-up with a small electric chainsaw I have. It didn't work well. I'm going to need something bigger. I went to Lowe's to see if a miracle occurred and they actually had some still left. Nope! I order one on-line. It's the only way to guarantee that I get one within a few days.

It was amazing to see how many trees were broken and down. Everywhere you looked there was tree damage. The ice on the trees does look pretty but when it all melts we're going to see the worst of it.

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Rita said...

I had to come down to Fayetteville Friday and was amazed at the amount of damage. It looked like the world's biggest tornado had hit there. It's bad here in Bentonville, but you guys got much worse. And my daughter said Springdale was even worse than Fayetteville.

Glad to see you guys are ok.