Tuesday, January 27, 2009

NW Arkansas Ice Storm, 2009

My beautiful elm! The pride and joy of my garden is being decapitated. The ice build-up was just too much for the limbs so they are breaking off. Unfortunately several were above my house and fell on it. I have one more left and I'm just praying that it's able to withstand the ice. I tried to knock off some of the ice from the limbs with no effect. The ice completely encircles the limbs and is about an inch thick. It's nerve wracking waiting for those limbs to fall.

Well, I have my weekend planned out for me. I'll be cleaning up the mess and figuring out how much damaged was done. Everyone else in the neighborhood will be doing the same thing. Just from my house I can see a lot of tree limbs down and I can also hear all the tree limbs cracking and falling. I've talked to some friends in Springdale and out east Fayetteville and they are telling me the same thing is happening there. NW Arkansas is going to be a big mess come tomorrow.

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