Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Arkansas' 2010 Senate Race

I was hoping that there would have a few more months before I'd have to hear about another election. But, no! There is already serious debate about Arkansas' 2010 election. Will Sen. Blanche Lincoln keep her seat?

Roll Call discussed Sen. Cornyn's speech to CPAC. Access to the article too rich for me but here is Sen Cornyn's speech.
And we may even have some unexpected opportunities in places like New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Arkansas, Colorado, Nevada, and yes, even California.

Anyhoo, rumors are flying across Arkansas on who is going to step forward to challenge Sen. Lincoln. Already the Democrats are starting to attack those they think may be possible challengers. A poster at Daily Kos, Senate Guru, is one of the first to engaged in a smear campaign against Republicans in Arkansas. Interestingly, it seems that President Bush is going to be on the 2010 ballet.
Two of the four mentioned possible recruits are guaranteed to turn AR-Sen, in no small part, into a referendum on George W. Bush more than on President Obama or Senator Lincoln.

First up on Senate Guru's bashmobile is Tim Griffin who's biggest sin is that he is Karl Rove protege. Then there's the accusation that he's racist. That'll be nice to sling around.

Little Rock banker French Hill is next and ,get this, he's bad because his name reminds people of France. I don't get it either. I guess the Democrats believe that France is our enemy or something.

State Sen. Gilbert Baker gets a good bashing. It seems he's a loyal friend even to one that does not deserve it. Gee, guess who's a loyal friend to terrorist Bill Ayers, a "I hate America" pastor and a whole host of political friends that have trouble paying their taxes. Oh yeah, our very own President Obama. Senate Guru then delves into the Baker's torrid relationship with former UCA President Lu Hardin.
The credibility of the allegations (particularly as a possible quid pro quo) were furthered when it was revealed that UCA President Lu Hardin used money from his discretionary fund to buy gifts for Baker.

The Arkansas Blog thoughtfully provided a few of those outrageous gifts.
Plant for Sen. Gilbert Baker in sympathy of the death of his father-in-law: $82.22, -Favors for Gilbert Baker/John Brummett luncheon: $56.20

The Arkansas Times own John Brummett accepted a gift from Hardin? Shameful!

An interesting addition is Roger's Mayor Steve Womack.
When the Mexican consulate in Arkansas wanted to discuss the issue with Womack, Womack gave the consulate the cold shoulder:

Oh the inhumanity! Mayor Womack doing all he can to protect Roger's citizens from the violence of gang members who are here illegally. He should be ignoring the illegal immigration violence like President Obama is on the southern borders.

I'm sure there are going to be more rumors of possible candidates. Once thing is for sure, Democrats are going to be spending a lot of money in this state to keep Lincoln in her seat. Any one who plans to challenge Lincoln must be prepared for the Democrats to fight dirty and nasty. They are going to have to expect that the news media in Arkansas is going to be full partners with the Democrats in making sure any Republican candidate is thoroughly trashed.


Craig said...

Hon Harvey Edwards of Stuttgart has announced that he's running. Mr Edwards is a staunch Christian conservative of traditional values & a Constitution Party member.

Harvey Edwards said...

I am confident that Lincoln will be booted out this year so I have taken the opportunity to file as a Candidate for my Own State House District 14. I will of course be the only Christian Conservative.
It appals me to see so many uncontested Races in ant State and especially Arkansas. Its not because the people in office are so great, most aren't in the least bit. Its Just that folks don't seem to value the pride of standing up and being counted.