Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Boat Fees on Lake Fayetteville

On my walks around Lake Fayetteville I've always noted that there were few boaters on such a beautiful lake. It's just really odd that a lake in middle of the city gets so little boat traffic. I guess the current $6 day fee was just too much for most people.
"Every year people have complained since we changed the fees," Connie Edmonston, director of Fayetteville Parks and Recreation, told the council. The reduced costs for kayaks, canoes and others gliding along the water without a boat engine is expected to encourage more users, she added.

Maybe that will change now the the City Council has reduced the fees. The new fee for non-motorized boats will be $3 a day or $20 for a seasonal pass. If you are a canoe or kayak enthusiast the seasonal pass is a really great deal. The pass goes with the person not the boat which will be an advantage for those who have multiple boats. Maybe we'll start seeing more boats on the lake.

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