Saturday, March 21, 2009

Botanical Garden, Replant NW Arkansas

I and a good number of people ignored the rain to attend the replanting program at the Botanical Garden. I'm sure a lot of the people came for the free tree. Most of the trees were oaks but Walt Eilers picked out a really nice dogwood for me. It'll replace a red bud whose top was broken off.

There were a number of tables out with pamphlets on planting and pruning trees. You had an opportunity get to your soil analyzed and there were little workshops which were great because you had an opportunity to ask the experts.

I cornered Greg Howe, Fayetteville's Urban Forester, and talked to him about my elm tree. He outlined the pruning I was going to have to do for the next 4 or 5 years. This year there is nothing more that I can do, but next spring I may need to fertilize the tree. I'll probably pick his brain again next spring. I'm really putting an effort in the tree because this neighborhood has very few mature trees. It also important to the birds and few squirrels that live close by.

It was really great for the Botanical Garden to have this free event. I think they need to repeat it for several years because NW Arkansas is still going to be recovering. They definitely need to do it next year because people are still removing debris and assessing what they need.

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