Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Washington County Republicans Welcome New State Chairman Doyle Webb

The new Chairman for the Arkansas Republican Party, Doyle Webb, was the guest speaker at the Washington County Republican Committee(WCRC) meeting. I've never met him before but he sure sounds really laid back and low keyed. He said, based on the calls he's been getting, there was a tremendous enthusiasm for the Republican Party. His intent was to grow the Arkansas GOP at the grassroots level. Sigh, they always say that. He remarked that the GOP at the state and national level has done a poor job of defining who we are. I would add that the GOP has done a poor job of separating itself from the Democrat Party. The WCRC also has a new chairman, Jim Reavis. The new chairs are going to have to work really hard if they intend to get any pickups in the Legislature and the State offices.
Commenting on Sen. Blanche Lincoln, Doyle said that she will vote no on the Card Check but once re-elected she will vote yes when it's introduced again.

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Hardtack said...

Part of the problem in defining who we are, both at the national and state level, is that there are those who want us to act and sound like Democrats. It got to a point where the ordinary voter was not able to determine who was who. Democrats sounded like Democrats, and Republicans sounded like Democrats.

Case in point, look at the RNC chairman. He can't decide what party he belongs to.