Sunday, March 08, 2009

My Cleanup is Complete

It's finished and I hurt, hurt! Toby and Eli have lost their "hills" for their King of the Mountain game. I finished sawing up the tree limbs and placed them out front, no more mounds of debris. I do have a nice pile of firewood. I've gotten quite handy with the chainsaw, another skill to add to my repertoire. Now it's on to the damages, which have been minor, but will probably take another weekend. Another nice weekend wasted, I want to have some fun!

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Hardtack said...

They came by again and picked up more of the debris I had. It is nice to finally see the yard again (though I have tons of small branches and twigs, along with a number of "hangers").

But my yard is starting to look like it did, and there were several days where I was quite tired when done.

Just be careful with the chainsaw. I have a small scratch on my knee where I was not paying attention. I now have a pair of chaps.