Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sen Blanche Lincoln, Hiding Obama in the Closet

Beeep! Beeeep! Beeep! That's the sound Sen Blanche Lincoln makes as she backs away from President Obama. An AP reports that, with her seeking another term, she is making sure that Arkansans know she disagrees with some of Pres Obama's proposals. She's trying to walk the very fine line of trying to keep the Arkansas conservative vote while voting for her liberal ideas.
I think President Obama has taken some good steps. I think his budget, although I disagreed with it in places and have been very vocal about that, I think it's also a very realistic budget

Now isn't that a fine dance. On the one hand you hear "disagree" which perks up your ears but on the other hand it's a very realistic budget. I'd be interested in knowing what she disagrees with in the budget.
During the campaign she going to say she's against Card Check, taxing employer provide health care and global warming's Cap and Trade. Once she's elected she will be free to vote for them and join Pres Obama as he tries to turn America into a socialist country.


Anonymous said...

I mailed her a letter concerning the stimulus package. She simply did not respond. Pryor sent a form letter assuring me he was looking after my interest while voting in favor of.

Valerie said...

I bet she is hearing from a lot a people. I guess her strategy is to ignore people and hope they leave her alone.