Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Don't Use the "N" Word

I didn't really pay that much attention to Michael Richard's racial rant. I'd figured that being a Hollywood Liberal he'd be easily forgiven and embraced. I do like James Taranto's remarks about the use of the "N" word.
"Black leaders challenged the entertainment industry, including rap artists, actors and major studios, to stop the use of the racial slur that triggered the scandal involving 'Seinfeld' comic actor Michael Richards," the Associated Press reports from Los Angeles:

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, a civil rights leader, and others said Monday they will meet with TV networks, film companies and musicians to discuss banning the racial slur that is a derogatory term for blacks. They also sought an effort by the public to stop using the term.

Just one problem: The AP never tells us what word we're supposed to stop using. There is a reference to the "n-word," which we guess narrows it down a bit. After consulting the Racial Slur Database, we've decided never again to use the word "Nordski," in case there are any black Scandinavians.

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