Friday, November 17, 2006

Fayetteville, Biker Festival Blues

I think Bill Underwood, of Underwood's Fine Jewelers has raised some fine points about some of the negative impacts the BB&B festival has on some of the local businesses. I'm glad that Mayor Coody is receptive to the complaints and is willing to help try to work something out. It's too bad that Greg Mack of Taylor Mack Advertising has decided to attack Bill instead of trying to work out the problems.
Mack described Underwood's survey as sneaky and questions the validity of his claims.
" To me it's just like he's greedy - what have to close down for one, two days," Mack said.

I don't like this attitude that other people are making money and the city is receiving tax revenue and if some businesses and employees lose money, screw them.
Bill Underwood, of Underwood's Fine Jewelers, said that the label disgruntled was indeed accurate, but notes that he is not alone and is not trying to kill the festival. He said that on the one side you have people like Mack who have a financial interest in seeing the festival grow, but on the other you have business owners that lose money during the event because their customers can't get to them.

Underwood said that he anticipated becoming a " lighting rod, " for criticism because of his stance, but said he feels strongly that someone needs to protect the rights of those business owners who " feel our property is being taken away."

I don't see why the festival can't be evaluated and some changes be made to accommodate the local businesses. Especially that the part where bikers are urinating over people's property. That is just plain disgusting and the city and police need to stop that.

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Anonymous said...

There are also people like me, who happen to like motorcycles but who live near the downtown area (Wilson Park) and who hate the noise from these bikers!