Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving Weekend

Ahhh, rats! Back to work tomorrow. It's been a nice long weekend. The weather was just perfect. I finally got the garden all cleaned up. It's ready for the winter. No more garden work until spring.
I spent Thanksgiving with a couple of friends. Afterward, they decided to go see the new James Bond movie. I'm a bit burned out on all the James Bond movies. I haven't even seen the last few ones. Just not interested anymore.
I didn't go shopping on Black Friday. I wasn't the only one. al-Reuters is reporting that customer traffic was down from last year. I'll be making Christmas a little simpler this year. My medical expenses and the gas hikes made a dent in my budget. Actually it's a bit of a good thing. I've kinda stepped back and really considered what Christmas means and why the heck do I have to buy a ton of stuff.
I pulled out the Christmas Cookie recipe book I got last year. I tried out a bunch of new cookies. Several recipes were really good. An orange ball recipe was toss out. I found a pastry dough that was absolutely delicious and I'll be experimenting with. It's nice to have a day to do stuff like that. Sighh, back to real world tomorrow.

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