Monday, November 13, 2006

Missing Eli

I have never wanted to kill a cat so much! I couldn't find Eli while I was cleaning up around the house this evening. I looked all over the house for him. I figured that he somehow slipped out in the garage and outside while I was taking out the trash. So, I've been spending most of the evening looking for him outside. I gave up and hoped that he'd eventually show up if he didn't get killed. While I sitting on the toilet he pops out of the closet. He was sleeping inside one of the boxes! Good thing I wasn't able to get up from the toilet then, because I could have throttled him.

It hasn't been particularly good day for me. While I was cleaning up the yard yesterday I pulled a back muscle. By this morning the rest of the back muscles were hurting because I was compensating for the one I pulled. I spent all day at my desk with a heating pad.

Right now I'm hurting, tired and irritated. I think I'll just go take a shower and go to bed. No, I won't throttle Eli. I'm so happy that he's all right that I've been giving him hugs.


whaleshaman said...

your cats are wonderful, bow lovely and eli is smarter than you! [don't feel bad, i've never ever ever had a cat i could outwit!]

itmt, this sounds completely nuts...counterintuitive, but try an icepack [we keep several sizes in the freezer for this; even a bag of frozen peas works] next time you pull something or overuse muscles, even on your back [YEOW!]

hope you feel beter soon and finding beloved eli sure did help.

i enjoyed your kitties, thanks.

Valerie said...

I'm feeling better, thank you! I usually use a cold pack the first 24 hrs and then use a heating pad until it heals.