Thursday, November 30, 2006

Iraq, Stay and Help

Finally, I can stop worrying. At least for a little while. I've been very concerned about what President Bush was going to do about Iraq. With the Iraqi Study Group's anticipated recommendations being leaked left and right, I thought that President Bush might actually follow their recommendations. I honestly don't know what exactly should be done with Iraq, but one that we must not do is give up on Iraq and retreat.
PRESIDENT BUSH: Our objective is to help the Maliki government succeed. And today we discussed how to further the success of this government. This is a government that is dedicated to pluralism and rule of law. It's a government elected by the Iraqi people under a constitution approved by the Iraqi people, which, in itself, is an unusual event in the Middle East, by the way.

We talked today about accelerating authority to the Prime Minister so he can do what the Iraqi people expect him to do, and that is bring security to parts of his country that require firm action. It's going to -- the presence of the United States will be in Iraq so long as the government asks us to be in Iraq. This is a sovereign government. I believe that there is more training to be done. I think the Prime Minister agrees with me. I know that we're providing a useful addition to Iraq by chasing down al Qaeda and by securing -- by helping this country protect itself from al Qaeda.

I like what Pres Bush said, we are going to stay and help Iraq. Helping Iraq today with provide us with security in the future. I do know what the consequences will be if we decide to leave before Iraq is secure. The violence and death that will occur will far outstripped what's happening today.

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