Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tony Blair's "New Partnership"

Tony Blair has finally lost his marbles.
Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain said Monday night that the "nature of the battle" had changed and that Western strategy in the Middle East must "evolve," possibly to include a "new partnership" with Iran.

Ah, yes! Partnership with a country that is determined to wipe Isreal off the map. The country that has threatened to destroy the White House. The country that has declared the U.S. the "Great Satan". The country that is declaring its nuclear program is nearly complete. Why would you ever think that Iran would even consider cooperating with America to build peace in the Middle East? Iran is not interested in peace, it is preparing for war. It is bound and determined to have the Middle East under the control of radical Islam.
I guess I'm really worried that America is going to pull out of Iraq. Democrats are more than willing to pull out. Why is it that they can't see the consequences of such an action? Then I see President Bush seriously listening to the Baker "Iraq Study Group". I wonder, is he going to start pulling the troops out? I know that we are in a really tough place right now in Iraq, it's tough not hopless. People who achieve success are those that keep pushing until they get it. Is Osama bin Laden right? Is America really that weak? Is America no longer will to fight for our freedoms?

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