Monday, December 10, 2007

Add Another Place Setting

I got an early Christmas present from one of my bosses. When I came back from Thanksgiving this cook book was on my desk. This was produced by the Junior League of NW Arkansas. It is recipes from the members of the League. Proceeds from the sale of the book goes to support the projects and programs of the League.

The photography of the book is really gorgeous and the colors they use to indicate each food section are colorful and bold. It makes it easy to find a particularly recipe section just looking at the side of the book. The recipes are ones that you would actually fix and eat at your house, nothing ultra fancy or exotic. These are recipes you could find in other cook books but these are the favorites of Junior League members. I found one of my favorite holiday treats, Sweet-and-Spicy Pecans. I bring this in to work every Christmas. Scatter in among all the recipes are favorites of some of NW Arkansas' famous residents. Johnelle Hunt's Glazed Apple Pie, Bernice Jone's Chocolate Cherry Cake, Helen Walton's Potato Casserole, the Tyson Family Southern Fried Chicken to name a few. Here and there are little bits of history, descriptions of our favorite places and pieces of decorating advice.

I highly recommend getting this book. It's for those who would like a good solid cook book and for those interested in the history and personalities of NW Arkansas. Of course the added benefit is the money from the sale of the book will be going right back to NW Arkansas charities.

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