Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fayetteville Budget, Done

Well, the city council passed a budget, without all the anticipated layoffs, salary reductions and loss of the lights and concerts. All those boo-hoo stories that were printed in the newspapers instigated by Mayor Coody. Lord, you thought that things were going to collapse at the city because the council didn't pass the tax hike. Of course, many things did get funded but not at the levels they were previously.
The council renewed funding to a host of programs, including a $62,500 commitment to the Fayetteville Boys & Girls Club and $30,000 in Parks Department funds for the annual Lights of the Ozarks event.

I think city needs to concentrate first on keeping the core services such as police and fire protected. While it's nice the city does provide free entertainment and recreational opportunities, I think the city needs to start relying more on individual and corporate sponsorship.
Alderwoman Shirley Lucas stressed that she would like for the city to wean itself from funding Lights of the Ozarks. Council members said finding private donors to help with popular city projects should be a priority, given the lean financial times.

I think the city should have an adopt-an-event day. Maybe at one of the spring Farmer's Market have people pledge to support a particular project.
(Greg)Tabor noted the dog’s food and veterinary bills were covered by a donation from a veterinarian, leaving about $9,000 to cover vehicle costs
People are already doing it. And yes, I'd even sponsor a portable toilet for the concerts. After all, many people have said that I am full of "it".
The concerts require renting sound equipment and portable toilets, she noted. Those costs are difficult to convince donors to support, (Connie) Edmonston said. "Nobody wants to sponsor a porta potty," (Brenda) Thiel laughed. "I wonder why."


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