Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tax Revenues, Fayetteville and Rogers

They aren’t exactly dancing in the streets, but you could hear the City of Fayetteville breath again.
Fayetteville saw its sales tax revenue increase by 3. 8 percent in October, while its neighbors saw declines of 6-8 percent. “In the city of Fayetteville (sales ) were up a pretty good clip,” said Paul Becker, the city's finance director.

Sam’s Club and the Razorback Cinema openings sure did help. While it's great to see the tax revenue up, the City shouldn't expect that same percentage increase over the months. I’m sure a lot of people came to Sam’s just to check it out when it opened. I'll bet that the next months revenue will be a bit smaller. Just like Rogers did this month.
Rogers took in $ 912, 583 in sales-tax revenue in October, according to Treasurer Jerry Hudlow, 6 percent less than $ 971, 998 in October 2006.

The Pinnacle Hills Promenade opened up in October 2006. It was brand new so everyone went there to check it out. You looked, shopped and ate out. Time has passed and it’s just another shopping center. I wonder how many people like me think it’s a crappy place to shop and prefer the mall in Fayetteville.
I did find it interesting that there are some people who are happy that Roger’s revenue is down. Check out these comments posted here.
Earl Swagger
Or, hell....I could be wrong about all this. It could be that the sales taxes are down because people around Rogers are sick of their high-handed, holier than thou BS and figured out their money goes farther in Washington County. Either way, avoiding Rogers is always a good idea.
durango kid
No cookie-cutter big-box Red Lobster knock-off disguised as a high-caliber establishment and brimming with the folks Boss Womack calls "friend" would ever be a good enough reason to visit Rogers. For one, it's way too close to 6 Flags over Jesus for my comfort. The right reverend's helicopter might crash into the restaurant, you know.
The only reason I even go through the place is b/c Rogers managed to capture land on both sides of the freeway, so I am forced to if I wanna get to Mizzou for my lottery tickets and Sunday booze. Why couldn't they just stay on the east side of 540? I'd much rather claim I was in Bentonville, despite my lukewarm feelings for Wal-Mart.

Yeah, that's it! Don't shop in Rogers because its full of Christians and Republicans. We sure don't want them to be successful. Bankrupt the city, that'll show those Christians and Republicans.
You just wonder why people of the other political party are so mean and nasty? Are their lives so pathetic that they want others to suffer?

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