Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christian Social Conservatives, Losing the Big Picture

Gov. Mike Huckabee is not the first politician to invoke their faith in American politics and certainly will not be the last. To some, the profession of a politician's faith can be reassuring but there is also a danger. Religion can be a problem when it becomes the sole issue in a political campaign. Huckabee's supporters back him because he's an Evangelical pastor who has come out strongly against gay marriage and abortion. But they are losing sight of the big picture of the Republican Party, all of whose principles are vitally important for this nation. I'm really concerned about Christian conservatives willingness to turn a blind eye to Huckabee's decidedly Democrat liberal stances. David Sander comments
Conversely, the temptation by some in the religious right to simply project personal religious convictions onto all policy matters can have the undesired effect of undermining the very conservatism they claim to advance. Some Christian conservatives argue "What would Jesus do?" a justification for lurching leftward on issues like the environment, immigration and foreign trade.

I think gay marriage and abortion are important issues, but they come in second. I'm more concerned with the War on Terrorism, taxes, immigration, congressional pork, U.S. sovereignty and stopping the Democrat's desire for a nanny nation. I'm voting for true Republican conservatism not a social liberal pastor. I can get that from church.

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