Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Arkansas House District 89 Seat

Tim House really wants everyone to know that he’s running for a second term in the House. The newspapers have stories on him here, here, and here. He sure got a lot of free publicity from his willing publicists in the media. Of course his name came up at the Republican’s meeting. It seems that he called Gene Long soon after Gene announced his candidacy. He commented that he hoped Gene would not run a negative campaign. Now, why would he say such a thing? It really makes you suspicious of his motives. When a Democrat makes the accusation of “a negative campaign” it actually means that Republicans can’t critically comment on a Democrat’s position and legislative history. How dare some one question a Democrat’s voting record or stances on issues? Tim House has warned Gene Long that anytime he does question or criticize Tim’s record, Tim is going to run crying to his Mommy at the MSM and yell “Negative Campaigning”. I suggest that all the newspapers stock up on diapers and baby formula.

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