Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lincoln Day Dinner, Benton County

Radio talk show host Neal Boortz was the guest speaker at the Lincoln Day dinner for the Republican Party of Benton County. While not a Republican, a Libertarian he says, his speech was appreciated by the audience. Neal also signed his books after speaking. He has a new book out and most of his speach was explaining the idea behind the book FairTax-Answering the Critics

He said in his political stance he "defaults to freedom". He started out by criticizing the Republican Party for not doing a "good enough job getting their message across". He also said the Republican Party was sounding too similar to the Democrat Party. He called Democrats "panders to the mindless whims of the masses".

The dinner was very well attended by current and former legislators. There were also many candidates on hand to pass out flyers and ask for donations. (Pictured above) Susan and Asa Hutchinson with Joseph Woods. Jonathan Barnett, candidate for District 93 (Side picture). He says he won't be asking for donations. Isn't that absolutely amazing?

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