Sunday, February 10, 2008

Geocaching Lake Wilson, Fayetteville

It has been a gorgeous weekend. I decided to do a multiple geocache at Lake Wilson. Boy, I went off the regular trail to get to them. However, I did get to see some things I didn't know were at Lake Wilson. There are some really nice stone bluffs. I even managed to get the bonus cache. Casey is sitting next to it. You had to find all previous 6 to get to this one. Cardinal did a great job creating this one!

More dogs at Friday Ark. and canine carnival


Ditto said...

Congrats on your finds!

One of the best things we like about Geocaching is what you find 'off trail', or what you never knew existed. We get a kick out of finding such spots close to home, places we drove by a thousand times!

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Rake said...

A good looking dog to keep you company on those long Geocaching trails.

Explore your world.

Anonymous said...

Hi sis, just catching up on you adventures. We have had record snow fall here in our area. so much in the mountains we are concerned about flooding here in the low lands next to the river. Give poochy a hug from me.