Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just Not My Day

I was so looking forward to today. I had no more meetings scheduled for the rest of the week and I was looking forward to get some things done at home. Nahh, the Fates had other plans. One of my cytotechnologists announced that she was moving to Texas. Oh Boy! I sure hate to lose her! She isn't leaving for at least a month so I have time to fill the spot. I've already has a call expressing interest. Yeah, you call the right guy and he spreads the news quickly.
Lunchtime I'm munching on almonds waiting for my meal to cook. I started chewing on something that didn't feel like almonds. Oh Crap! My new crown fell out! I have an early morning dental appointment. Sigh, just more distruptions! Oddly, one of my cats is getting his teeth cleaned tomorrow too. No, not at the dentist office, at the vet.

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