Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Red Oak Park, Finally?

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but it looks like everyone has finally come together on the AR Game and Fish Commission Stream Team's plan for Red Oak Park. Parks and Recreation will work with the Stream Team. Once they are finished with the stream stabilization, P&R will work with the surrounding neighborhoods on the park's amenities. I really admire Connie Edmonston's and Carole Jones' patience and hard work on this project. Connie expressed her frustration last night about how long this project has taken and also the possible loss of grant money because of the delays. Really, I share some of her frustration. Connie and Carole have bent over backwards to find other viable options and they just did not exist. I really appreciate Shirley Lucus' comment to Connie that she trusted their judgment and knew that they were concerned with the park's character and would do what was best for the park.
An e-mail from Carole said that they requested that this item be placed on the March 4, 2008, City Council Agenda.

UPDATE: The date is changed to the March 18, 2008,City Council Agenda so that Mr. Evans can attend.

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