Sunday, October 19, 2008

Grand Opening, Scull Creek Trail

Bikes, bikes everywhere and bikes of every type. While there were some walkers who showed up for the opening it definitely was a day for the bikers. There were a few more exotic bikes and a couple of homemade bikes. One of the homemade ones was an adapted water paddle boat. People were talking about the ability to bike to shops and restaurants. They were showing off their bike baskets and bags to store their shopping purchases. Wade Colwell was really pleased at the turnout and kept saying "Wow".

They were serving up hot dogs, vegi hamburgers, cookies and drinks for several hours with live music in the background. The Beaver Water District handed out free water bottles, which I really needed because I forgot to bring mine. Dot brought some really delicious red/white and blue cookies. Mmmmmm!

Mayor Coody and Matt Mihalevich drew the names to win the "trail" prizes. Dang! I didn't win anything. The City construction crew did a really great job in getting the trail completed for the Grand Opening. The Fulbright Tunnel was free of water and gravel and it was lit. They solved the seepage problem by carving gutters on the side. I hope it works when there is heavy rain. Judging by the number of people on the trail I'd say that the event was wildly successful. Matt and the construction crew have done an absolutely wonderful job!

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