Monday, October 06, 2008

The War of the Water Bottles

Earlier this year Mayor Coody declared war on bottled water. He joined the national movement to reduce the consumption of bottled water because they were filling up the landfills. He said he was not going to purchase bottled water with public funds. Of course, I poked a little fun of his joining the kool-aid crowd. If Mayor Coody believes that the lowly water bottle is evil, why he is excited about not just one, but two bottling companies who are considering moving into Fayetteville?
Bruarfoss exports bottled water and small, medium and large bulk water from Iceland's most pristine water sources, according to its Web site. The company sells water that melts from the glaciers in Iceland and is hoping to become a supplier for Wal-Mart, he said.
On Friday, the Fayetteville Economic Development Council and Global Java announced another water company, this one from Sweden, is also considering a move to Fayetteville.

I wonder what changed his mind about those bottles? Oh, wait a moment, he's up for re-election and the one of the biggest issues for Fayetteville is economic development. I guess when there's a choice between going green and economic development, green loses. Bless his little global warming heart.
I did get a little bit “holier than thou”, because I said that I filtered my water instead of buying those bottles. Apparently I’m not as green as I thought I was.
But some of those spots are being lampooned by people who point out that water filters cannot be recycled, at least in the United States. "In order to give up bottled water, you have to switch to another plastic product that’s not recyclable," said Beth Terry of Oakland, Calif., who has started an online campaign to try to persuade Clorox, the company that owns Brita, to start recycling the filters.

Dang, I so enjoyed that moment!

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