Monday, October 13, 2008

Obama, Spread the Wealth Around

A plumber confronted Obama in an Ohio neighborhood, this weekend. The man asked Obama, "Why do want to raise my taxes? My business makes more than 250k a year." Obama told him he needed to "spread" the wealth to those who don't have what he has. Yeah, that guy probably worked his butt off and made a lot of sacrifices to own his own business. The Three Amigos; Obama, Reed, and Pelosi, will take it away from him to give it to some one who refused to work hard to be successful. It's against all the values America stands for. This is socialism, pure and simple.


Hardtack said...

When does it stop being socialism and become Marxism???

Anonymous said...

Fern (its a guess, possibly confirmed by a recent truck sighting)

I really believe that Newt Gingrinch is hoping to defeat Obama in 2012. I am sure that most conservatives who have participated in American Solutions workshops would prefer a Gingrinch administration to a McCain/Palin administration. Intelligence vs. ________

Anonymous said...

opec will reduce oil production on Nov 18th to inflict hurt if they are confronted by another republican.

Anonymous said...

its not socialism or marxism. Its called private/ public partnerships. Essentially the government rehabilitates bad debt and then sells it back to tbe private sector.
The upper echelons of conservatism want to make an Obama administration palatable because it will carry the socialism liabilities into an improving financial period that will call forth a preferred leader.
Today's events however form parts of a broken historical line. Had Hillary worked for the privatization of Atlanta's court ordered public works project (she would be accepted for duty by the big conservative interests) and the lesbian players had stopped being terrorists in a life she would be president for a four year period until Newt? came along and I would be a resident of Dallas at the end of the year.

Wes said...

Heaven forbid that Gingrich ever gets in the White House. I want Obama out of office asap, but it must be someone worth voting for. Never Gingrich!!