Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Internet, Good for Your Brain

Thank God!
For middle-aged and older people at least, using the internet helps boost brain power, research suggests. A University of California Los Angeles team found searching the web stimulated centres in the brain that controlled decision-making and complex reasoning.

It's certainly good news considering the amount of time I spend reading on the Internet.


andyadkins said...

NWA regional authorities need to build a NWA specific fiberoptic network.... (cynically) or maybe it is better for cox, alltel and att to transport the value of regional data to processing centers in tulsa and kansas city along with their feed loop financial windfalls. NWA doesn't need to be attractive for companies like Internap or Akamai or to have its own home grown examples of Intelligent Routing. Maybe the region should forget about the multimodal functions of fiberoptics as a utility (BIG BROADBAND)and not compete with cox and regional phone companies.
The responsibility of local governing is to finance these attractive assets; grow and develop them for their economic sector value; and then privatize the commodity to fund the newer examples of advantageous public utilities

Anonymous said...

Money of the customers for these utilities will be deposited into local banks and used in the regional economy.