Sunday, October 05, 2008

Thoughts on the VP Debate

I must admit that I was anxious about Sarah Palin's performance at the debate Thursday night. I should have known. Sarah did remarkably well. She was definitely more personable than Biden. There were times it appeared she struggle a bit and appeared to be vague. I guess that just comes from not have any national experience. Yet, she held her own for some one that didn't have Biden's Washington experience. I must say her "doggone it" and her winks just endeared her to me. I liked her line "Say it ain't so, Joe, there you go again pointing backwards again." I think she needs to keep reminding people that Obama and Biden seem to be running against President Bush.
Biden was doing well for awhile then he started throwing alot of bunk on foreign policy. I wish Sarah had the foreign policy experience to call him out on it. As the debate went on Biden's performance started to get disturbing. He was throwing around a lot of statements that just sounded like a lot of bull shit. Several statements I knew absolutely were wrong. I knew Obama had said he'd sit down unconditionally with M A of Iran, that McCain voted for troop funding(sans timeline), that $42,000 tax raise Obama voted for, and Biden's own stated opposition to clean coal. I must say, he showed himself to be an exceptionally liar. He made stuff up with great passion and conviction you would believe him if you didn't know better. Of course, people kept track of those whoppers. I think he showed that he knew he lost the debate when he started flinging his bull shit. I guess Biden's gravitas is derived from his ability to lie so well.

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