Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fayetteville, War on the Water Bottle

I really don't think Mayor Coody has drank the city water. The taste isn't all that great and at times really nasty.
Coody said the water that comes straight from the tap is just as good and not nearly as expensive.

While I'm not one of those who waste their money buying bottled water, I do filter it. That seems to take out the nasty taste.
Consumers are choosing bottled water because they think it's safer or purer than tap water, when in reality regulations on municipal water are more stringent, Coody said.

Then there are the consumers who think the city water tastes crappy and prefer to drink something that tastes good.
Coody's announcement comes during a national movement to reduce the consumption of bottled water.

I want to know why is Coody picking on water bottles? Why isn't he trying to reduce the consumption of beer and cola bottles. They have the same environmental impact as the water bottle. Why this unfair persecution of water? Water is healthier to drink than beer and cola, so why not go after them instead?

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Hardtack said...

Don't forget when the Lake turns over. That is one reason why I drink bottled water.

But you do bring up a good point. What about other drinks (like soda pop) that comes in bottles?