Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fayetteville, State Plan for Garland Avenue

I stopped by this evening to see the plans for Garland Avenue. I managed to talk with Lioneld Jordan for a few minutes on my views about the State's plan. I am not really happy about the continuous center line and the 10 foot multiuse path. Garland Avenue passes through mostly residential areas and a fair number of students live in this area. I see no need to put in a continuous lane. It would be better to leave that out and put in well place turning lanes. Garland should be more bike friendly and follow Fayetteville's Alternative Transportation Plan. The multiuse path on the west side, designed for both bikes and pedestrians, is not the safest way for bikes to travel. There should be dedicated bikes lanes on both sides. I think a better plan for Garland Avenue is sidewalks, dedicated bike lanes, turning lanes as needed and dump the continuous central lane.

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Hardtack said...

I know that in the initial plans for Crossover Road, there was discussion of making this road more into a Boulevard. The plans also included bike paths, a tree-lined median and other beautification plans. What happened was all those plans ran into a cold, hard reality. That was the cost of implementing those plans.

I like the idea of bike paths, don't get me wrong. I do question the cost/benefit of such a plan, but I imagine that there are many who picture us looking more like China or some other country where 90% of the population uses bikes while the Politburo uses luxury cars and SUV's.