Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Crashing into Dogs

Sunday morning I got run over by 2 dogs, and I lost. I was doing agility training with Casey when another dog decided to play with Casey. They both ran into the path I was running and splat, I was on the ground clutching the grass in agony. We had to call the first responders because I couldn't walk. They splinted my ankle and carried me to my truck. Those rural responders were really terrific! I was able to drive myself to the hospital after dropping Casey off at home. Fortunately, I didn't break any bones, but I really tore up the ligaments. I have an appointment with Ortho later this week to see how badly they're torn. So, my foot is really swollen, a nice purple color and really, really hurts. I've just been working in the mornings because the pain gets worse as the day progresses. I am rolling around the office on my chair and having everyone wait on me. I'd better milk it for all it's worth. At home, I'm mostly sitting/sleeping in the recliner with my ankle elevated. This would be a really good time to catch up on my reading except the pain medication makes me sleepy. So, I've been catching up on my sleep.

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