Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Another Reason Not to Vote For Obama

Well, this is an interesting take on why one shouldn't vote for Obama.
Editor, the Tribune: I voted for Barack Obama in the Missouri presidential primary. I now regret that vote after discovering that he is addicted to cigarettes. I believe this is a defining issue of character and judgment. I believe that smoking is indefensible in terms of health and family impact, and therefore anyone who smokes has exhibited very poor judgment. My opinion is that any person who is incapable of exerting enough self-discipline to quit smoking should be void from holding the most powerful position in our country. Self-discipline and good judgment are necessary for great leadership.

Socialist, racist, America hater - OK; Smoker - Eew Gross, How Evil!


Hardtack said...

Well, one may not like smoking, and it is common knowledge that smoking does have some health issues. However, it is up to the individual to determine whether to keep smoking or not.

However, wonder what Presidents smoked? FDR sure comes to mind, and Eisenhower was also a confirmed smoker. Matter of fact, while running WWII, he was known to smoke up to four packs a day.

Lwood said...

Now if you can convince Laura, The First Lady, to give up her habit of lighting up.