Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yoo-hoo! Still Looking for Scapegoats!

Come out, come out, where ever you are! Congress is still looking for some one to blame for the high gas prices. Man, these guy haven't just buried their heads in the sand but they've poured in the cement. For the past 40 years Congress has cripple efforts to make sure America produced enough energy for the future. I am surprised that we've not had this crisis sooner, although we've had plenty of warnings. Heck, while we're screaming to Drill Here, Drill Now environmental activists are doing everything they can to shut down energy production.
Coal is cheap, but it has no friends. Anticoal activists brag that 59 coal-fired plants were canceled in 2007. Nearly 50 more in 29 states are being contested. Recall how the private equity buyers of Texas utility txu agreed last year to cancel eight power plants to defuse environmental opposition. It takes years to plan and at least six years to build a large power plant.

We'll just have to keep yelling at Congress. Even now, 4 Arkansas State Republican Representatives issued a statement demanding that Congress take real steps to solving the energy problem.
We're approaching a scenario where $4.00 a gallon is a cheap price for gas. And when liberals in Congress propose burdening our energy industry with increased taxes and wasteful mandates, they are ignoring the laws of supply and demand by kicking our economy when it's already down. The only way to lower the price of energy is to lower production barriers and inefficient mandates and thereby increase the number of energy suppliers....In short, these are much more palatable, serious, and productive solutions than the failed ideas currently on the table in Congress: higher taxes on energy companies, socializing energy production, and unsuccessfully begging Saudi Arabia to pump another half-million barrels of oil every day. We would be much better off increasing our own domestic production capacity, and we urge the federal government to take action on this front immediately.

I think it's time we stand up and give the members of Congress who are butt kissing the environmentalists a big kick in the rear. Sign the petition, DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW, PAY LESS!

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Hardtack said...

I doubt if many understand how totally dependent we are on oil. There is more to it that we being able to drive from point A to point B.

It is necessary for food production, air transport, military action, medicine, roads, plastic, etc.

I can see the Politburo driving around in big cars, while the rest of us either walk or ride bicycles.