Monday, June 16, 2008

Voting for Melanin, and Not Character

I guess the desire for a black president is so compelling, that some black Republicans are considering voting for Obama. If you are a bona fide Republican, you'd be giving up a lot of your principles to vote for a left-wing whacko like Obama. Black Republicans already get a lot of grief because they struggle against the slavery traps of the Democrat Party. They are already classed as traitors to their race because they refuse to accept the chains of socialism. Black Republicans have already suffered enough abuse so why weakly surrender to a plainly inferior presidential candidate like Obama, just because he's black? Obama will not be the last black man to run for President. There will be another that you can proudly support because you agree with his principles and admire his character.
This is the time to stand on your principles and not on your emotions. Black Republicans have come through so much it would be a shame to just throw it all away on some one like Obama. "You were running well; who hindered you from obeying the truth?" Galatians 5:7. We are voting for the President of the United States not the President of the Black American Dream.
For most of my adult life I took an oath to a simple document, the US Constitution, to support and defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and to bear true faith and allegiance to the same. My allegiance is to America, its people, and their rights as put forth in that superb document. I shall not discard my principles and commitment to my God and Country, just because. I applaud Senator Obama for his accomplishment, however, there is no way I will vote for someone that is so contrary to my beliefs in lower taxes, limited government, individual rights and freedoms, individual responsibility and accountability, not collective prosperity sharing.

I grew up in inner city Atlanta Georgia, and my elementary school, Our Lady of Lourdes, is across the street from Ebenezer Baptist Church. Dr King's seminal ideal of "content of character vs color of skin" resonates with me. Regardless of the probable ensuing vitriolic name calling, my ideology and principles are not in concert with those of Senator Obama. I wish him well, but I dont wish him to be President of THESE United States of America".

Lieutenant Colonel Allen B West (US Army, Ret)
Republican Candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives
Florida District 22

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Tony in Texas said...

Great article. I've often wondered the following: When 98% of the Blacks vote for the ONLY Black candidate in the Democratic Primary, isn't that RACIST?