Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fayetteville Animal Shelter, Reopening Celebration

The Fayetteville Animal Shelter celebrated it's grand reopening after the renovation of the building. There was plenty of goodies for the dogs and people. I snagged a hot dog and a cute little bracelet.

Some of the renovation like the plumbing and lighting came from renovations pulled from the police department, said Captain Casey Brown. The renovation in the dog pens made the place look cleaner and brighter. Still, a cage isn't a home for the dogs. This little guy really, really would like a home.

The most noticeable change was in the cat area. Instead of those wired cages, they were in plastic cubicles with plenty of pillows and blanket. Yet, cats aren't suppose to be in little boxes. This sweet heart is really lovable and has the most amazing green eyes.

The shelter has a whole bunch of kittens which kinda overflowed into the hallway. As you passed through, you just had to play with them. I caught Captain Casey Brown playing with a couple. The renovations couldn't happen without a lot of people volunteering. The Shelter had special gifts for the people who volunteered and were asking for more people to join the special group of people who care for the animals.

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