Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nominating Committee and the Telecom Board

I agree with Kyle that it's a bit odd that Marvin Hilton who was just fired as the cable administrator was applying to be on the Telecom Board. The Nominating Committee's decision not to recommend him for the Board position might be a start for the City Council to take care of the problems surrounding the Telecom Board. While Hilton's knowledge about telecommunications makes him well qualified for the position, there are other things to consider as well.
Lucas said if Hilton had a better relationship with the board, possibly "things could have moved along better."
"I've certainly watched a few meetings where he got in it with them," Cook concurred.

I wonder if the Nominating Committee is going to be able to get some one for the open position. I imagine that most people aren't going to be willing to deal with the issues surrounding the Telecom Board.

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Anonymous said...

After 13 years of sweat and tears, then the police escorted finale, I'd say Marvin shows a lot of hoodspah to apply for the open position. Hats off to him!

It can't be denied that he is knowledgable of the issues involved. He has poured a lot of effort into bringing balance to the media. His dedication shows in his willingness to persue the volunteer position, something sorely lacking in the city.

No, he wouldn't be the city's yes man for Dan and Doc Susan's propaganda machine, but he has a great deal to bring to the table. It's a shame the nominating committee didn't see fit to value that.

It's not as if people are falling over each other to volunteer for such tribulations.