Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Bush - Protecting America

Newsweek has been calling it Bush's Snoopgate. It says "Finally we have a Washington scandal that goes beyond sex, corruption and political intrigue to big issues like security versus liberty and the reasonable bounds of presidential power." Story
The real scandal is the stupidity of the MSM and the Democratic Party. The fact that the government listens in the phones and e-mails is not new. Remember, after 9/11, the stories about Al-Qaida "chatter"? Just search the internet and you will find tons of stories. Newsmax, 11/15/02 Al-Qaida 'chatter' hit an all-time high. CNN, 8/7/04 Slowdown in 'chatter' worries officials. SPIKED, 1/5/04, nicely defines it : Unlike human intelligence -which collects information through human contact with a terror group or enemy state, usually through infiltration - 'chatter', or signal intelligence, is collected by technical means, by using satellites to eavesdrop on phone conversations and email correspondence between suspected terrorists. At the same time SPIKED chides Britain and the U.S. for scaring us poor citizens about it.
How did it get from "stop worrying us about all the chatter that may or may not be a threat" to "Bush is a evil dictator that the MSM and the Democratic Party must stop"? We are promised a full congressional investigation next month. Well, go ahead Democrats! Show us the full glory of your stupidity and your willingness to jeopardize us for your own conceit and power. We'll learn who's serious about protecting us, President Bush and the Republican Party.

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