Saturday, December 10, 2005

Fayetteville HS Choir's Madrigal Feast

A Madrigal Dinner is a feast with four or five courses tied together with music, pageantry and humor.

Friday evening began with me being escorted to my seat by a page and my name herald to the other diners. The church's parish was decorated in candles, garland, wreaths and a Christmas tree. The menu:
Wassaile Bowele, Florentine Salade, Ham, Baked Potatoes, Glazed Carrots, Bread, Flaming Plumme Pudding

Each course was herald in by the Lords and Ladies (choir) singing one or two songs. Ah, yes, all the singing by choir was done a cappella.
As for the humor portion of the evening. Well, you decide. One of the knights rode around the room on his horse(stick) yelling "December 24th." He was the "Knight before Christmas." Another knight rode around the room on his horse(stick) with two people behind him holding signs that said "Quiet" and telling everyone to "Ssshush". Yeah, that's right, "Silent Knight." Then, someone screams. Someone has stabbed the "Silent Knight." At which point the jester quips "he's a Holy Knight now!" >>Groans!<<<
The gem of the evening was the Carol Concert at the end. A truly wonderful performance by the Fayetteville HS Choir.

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